By , February 7, 2012

A Message From NAPPS

The mission of North Atlanta Parents for Public Schools (NAPPS) is to support and promote the North Atlanta cluster of eight schools, in our local community and beyond. In furtherance of that mission, we have been meeting with local Board of Education representatives, PTA presidents and leaders from every school in the cluster to discuss the APS demographic study and its preliminary draft recommendations for our community. While each school has its own specific concerns, our entire cluster is committed to four basic principles:

1. The complete vertical integration of our International Baccalaureate curriculum, in place at every cluster school, should be maintained.
2. All high school students in the cluster should be located on the new North Atlanta High campus.
3. The diversity of our middle school and high school is an essential part of our children’s education and should be maintained. The diversity of families and neighborhoods gives each elementary school its own special character which also should be maintained.
4. Natural boundaries, traffic patterns, and logistics determine neighborhoods and should be considered as part of any rezoning within the cluster.

We believe these principles should guide our community, and APS as a whole, as we work together to meet the needs of each and all our students. For example, maintaining vertical integration of the curriculum means no child will be forced to move into or out of the IB stream. Locating all high school students on the new campus means the longrange site plan will be modified to anticipate future capacity needs. Maintaining the current diversity of each cluster school means students will not be segregated by race, ethnicity, or economics. Considering natural boundaries and logistics means no neighborhood will be rezoned across a major highway or industrial area.

We are privileged to have strong, committed parent leaders at every school in our cluster. We thank them for their gifts of time and energy, and we applaud their spirit of cooperation and mutual support. We commend these four principles to the NAPPS community, the Board of Education, APS administration, and the community at large, as we join hands to address concerns across our community and city for the benefit of every student.

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