The North Atlanta High School Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support, primarily through fundraising, the students, faculty and administration of North Atlanta High School to enrich the school’s programs and activities.

Activities of the Foundation are managed by a Board of Trustees representing the school community, including parents, faculty, business partners, community leaders, and administration. The Board meets regularly to assess progress toward stated goals for fundraising and works with the administration to confirm funding priorities not met by the school budget and other resources in order to achieve the Foundation vision for North Atlanta High School to be a world-class learning center for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Chances are, your child benefited from an NAHSF grant last year (or soon will benefit in 2017-2018). Examples of past funding include:

  • Algebra I textbooks and materials
  • An additional college counselor, college fair and transcript services
  • Faculty needs such as Department Chair stipends and art display walls
  • IB MYP Coordinator position
  • Equipment for orchestra, yearbook, newspaper, weight room, and track & field
  • Jazz band, robotics, Spanish and FBLA