2016 – 2017 Board of Trustees

President: Lisa Dwyer, parent
Treasurer: Michelle Nelson, community member
Treasurer-elect: Aubrey Glazman, parent
Vice President*


Board Members
Susan Aspinwall, parent, Capital Campaign Chair
Lorraine Bowen, NAHS Faculty
Natalie Brandhorst, NAHS Faculty
Stephen Culp, parent
Curtis Douglass, NAHS Principal
Kym Franklin Estis, parent
Tracey Hankin, parent, Annual Fund Chair
Lisa Jern, parent
Cathy Pennington, parent
Julie Rief, parent, Red Hot Jazz Chair 2017
Stu Sheldon, parent
Sydney Shipps, parent
Aquaria Smith, parent
Shelby White, community member
Rene Wilson, parent


Laura Denning, PTSA co-President
Susan Sheffield, PTSA co-President
Patti Lander, NAHS Sports Boosters liaison

Each of these Trustees serves a two year term, and shares a commitment to supporting excellence and achievement at North Atlanta High School.

*Position vacant until Board elects new officers in October 2016.