CRCT scandal only makes our work harder

By , July 7, 2011

The results of the state investigation released Tuesday showed no evidence of changed answers, test-tampering or coverup at North Atlanta High School or any of the eight schools in the North Atlanta cluster. This came as no surprise. But, the state report still was a bitter disappointment to our Foundation and anyone else with a stake in the success of our city schools. In addition to enriching our students’ educational experiences, the mission of our Foundation, and others like ours across the district, is to build support for our community schools. The North Atlanta High School Foundation was founded on the idea that every community needs thriving public schools. Unfortunately, this week’s news only reinforced negative perceptions that undermine our city  schools’ true potential.

That said, positive change for APS starts with honest assessment, no matter how brutal it may be, and the state’s report provides that in abundance. As a Foundation, our mission remains unchanged. We are proud of the students of North Atlanta. We are proud of the faculty of North Atlanta. And we are proud to be part of a cluster of public schools filled with faculty who showed integrity every step of the way. Ultimately, APS will overcome this challenge. In the meantime, we will redouble our efforts to support North Atlanta High School’s leaders, teachers and students on the road to becoming the best public high school in the Southeast.

Here is an excerpt from the official media statement issued by NAPPS via NAPPS chair and NAHS Foundation trustee Cynthia Briscoe Brown:

North Atlanta Parents for Public Schools (NAPPS) is gratified that authorities found no evidence of changed answers, test-tampering, or coverup at any of the eight schools in our cluster (two teachers were cited for possible improper reading of test questions). However, we are deeply disturbed about the systemwide results of the CRCT investigation. We expect our teachers and administrators to be models for the kind of adults we want our children to become: people of honesty and integrity who understand that true success comes to those who try hard and give their best in every endeavor. We applaud the vast majority of APS employees who choose to follow the right path, and we deplore the actions of the small percentage who made bad choices. We trust and expect that Interim Superintendent Davis and the Board of Education will act swiftly and fairly to impose appropriate consequences for all inappropriate actions.

As parents and citizens, we have a responsibility to assist every child in Atlanta Public Schools who did not receive sufficient instruction and attention to master the academic material. We commit to use our best efforts to help provide every affected student with all the academic and emotional support they need to achieve genuine success in school and in life. We look forward to continuing our partnership with APS administration, the Board of Education, and all the dedicated teachers and staff who truly care about our children and work hard each day to help every one fulfill their potential.

What will you do to move North Atlanta forward?

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